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Industry-specific storage systems

The storage of steel and heavy metal products places high demands on a business. The selective access to different dimensions of goods, the optimal flow of materials, and the prompt commissioning of your customer orders must be coordinated and ensured always. Compared to conventional sheet metal shelving, OHRA shelving systems, made of hot-rolled steel profiles, have established themselves as a secure and long-lasting storage solution in the metal industry.

When things get heavy and unwieldy, the robust cantilever or pallet racking comes through. The highest demands for quality and loading are met without problem. Your products are securely stored, quickly accessible and easily sorted – all this in less space.

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Cantilever racks

The ideal storage system for steel, sheet metal or heavy metal products. The flexible, highly adjustable cantilever arms move upwards and sideways in the event of impact. This system protects your materials from damage. To meet the unique needs of each customer all cantilever racks are custom produced, delivered and installed (if required). Robust, hot-rolled steel profiles for the load bearing elements of the OHRA cantilever racks create secure storage for your products. The high quality of the columns and cantilever arms guarantees a durable and economical solution for your metal stock. OHRA cantilever racks can be used internally or externally

The benefit to you:

Columns and cantilever arms manufactured from solid, hot rolled IPE steel profiles.

  • The secure racking system for heavy loads
  • Two-sided columns punched in a 100mm pitch
  • Available with roof, rear panel and gutters for external use
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Hot-dip galvanized construction for exterior storage
  • Storage system expandable at all times
  • Large selection of accessories for individual customisation

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Rack clad buildings

OHRA rack clad buildings perfectly unite necessary building functionality with the purpose of a conventional rack system. The frames/rack columns serve as supporting elements for roof and wall. Independent building constructions are, therefore normally unnecessary. Individual design variations allow customization of your storage requirements. From planning, through the construction, manufacturing, delivery and installation – everything is from one source.

  • Individual rack clad building designs
  • Optimum use of storage space
  • Building ends can be designed either as an open or closed end
  • Various roof constructions
  • Installation services offered
  • Less expensive than a conventional warehouse with additional racking systems

Automatic storage systems

Storage optimisation through either partial or full automation of storage and retrieval operations. With high picking capacities, performance increases according to the "Goods-to-Man" principle. Depending on the requirements, one or more packages with either sheet metal or round material bundles can be removed for transport to the transfer station. Handling is done with an indoor crane or rack riser trucks.

  • Most efficient handling capacity for picking orders
  • From manual to fully automatic control, expandable at any time
  • Interfacing to customer's ERP software via a module
  • Operation of multiple lanes with one rack riser truck using cornering technology
  • Investment costs are reduced as a result.

References for the metal trade

AK 1324
Reifenhäuser Reiloy
mejo Metall Josten


Thermoforming tools are cost-intensive custom-made products, individually tailored to each component to be produced. To store the valuable tools weighing up to seven tonnes, Solvaro has installed special racks from OHRA at its site in Szekszárd, Hungary. Each storage compartment can be individually designed for the respective tool size. In addition, the tools are directly accessible and can be quickly transported to the deep-drawing press. At the same time, the thermoforming tools are always protected from damage thanks to the customised beam construction.


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AK 1324

AK 1324

With new cantilever racks, the Czech company AK 1324, wholesaler and retailer of semi-finished stainless steel products, can access stored stainless steel sheets much faster.

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thyssenkrupp Materials

Oone of the leading companies for steel, light and nonferrous heavy metal materials as well as plastic materials in Hungary, has modernised its warehouse in Budapest with cantilever and inclined-arm racks from OHRA. Thanks to the high stability and load-bearing capacity of the racking system made of hot-rolled, solid-walled steel profiles, the company could significantly expand its storage capacities.


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Reifenhäuser Reiloy

Reifenhäuser Reiloy

Reifenhäuser Reiloy, a specialist for highly wear-resistant barrels and screws for extrusion and injection moulding processes, has integrated the previous external storage of raw materials and finished goods into the plant with a new warehouse. Components weighing up to 8 tonnes and up to 10 metres long are now stored in five heavy-duty cantilever racks from OHRA. Heavy-duty mesh shelves on the cantilever arms allow flexible and material-friendly storage on pallets. This means that production and dispatch now have direct, short-term access to the goods in stock, and the storage and retrieval processes take place 24 hours earlier than before. In addition, Reifenhäuser Reiloy saves the costs for external warehousing.

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mejo Metall Josten

mejo Metall Josten

mejo Metall Josten — manufacturer and supplier of custom aluminium profiles — has multiplied its storage space with a new logistics centre.

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