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AK 1324


cantilever racking
cantilever racking
cantilever racking

AK 1324: Noble Metal in Quick Access

With new cantilever racks, the Czech company AK 1324, wholesaler and retailer of semi-finished stainless steel products, can access stored stainless steel sheets much faster. Previously, the sheet packs were stored on top of each other on the warehouse floor, which made handling difficult and took a lot of time. Today, cantilever racking from OHRA allows direct access to individual packs which not only enables much more efficient logistics, but also significantly reduces damage to the stored sheets. In addition, storage in cantilever racks allows a quick overview of the current stocks at any time.

As a retailer and wholesaler of semi-finished stainless steel products, AK 1324 stocks a large variety of different sheets, tubes and profiles. The cantilever racks from OHRA make it possible to store the different sheet metal variants clearly separated from each other. The sheets, which can be up to 3 metres long, are stored on pallets, and the packages can weigh up to 2.5 tonnes. Thanks to the cantilever racks, each individual package can now be stored and retrieved without having to move other sheet metal packages. Access could thus be accelerated considerably. At the same time, damages are reduced, which used to occur many times during the cumbersome handling of the sheet metal packages in the block storage.

OHRA installed two single-sided runs of racking with 36 and 50 metres length for the AK 1324 sheet metal storage. The cantilever racks offer eight storage levels with an upright height of 4,310 millimetres. All load-bearing elements of the OHRA racking are made of solid-walled steel profiles and thus offer a high load-bearing capacity: Each cantilever arm carries 800 kilograms in the AK 1324 warehouse, and each upright can be loaded with up to 5.6 tonnes. The racks offer seven storage levels at a height of 6,580 mm. AK 1324 also sees a special advantage of the OHRA racks in the clipped in cantilever arms: They can be adjusted at any time without tools, so that AK 1324 can quickly adapt the height of the storage levels to the height of the sheet metal packages and to new requirements.  

OHRA not only supplied the racks and assembled them, but also advised AK 1324 from the beginning of the planning. This ensured that the project ran smooth and that the greatest possible storage capacity was achieved with the new racks.


About AK 1324:

AK 1324 sro. is a wholesaler and retailer of semi-finished stainless steel products. Founded in 1997, the company is located in Studénka in the Czech Republic. In addition to stainless steel sheets, tubes, bars and profiles, the company also offers metalworking services for small and medium-sized assemblies, in particular the cutting of sheets up to 120 millimetres thick on a high-tech plasma cutting machine.