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Corrosion protection for racking systems

Corrosion protection racking system

OR 6000®

Corrosion protection which fulfil the highest demands

As a leading racking manufacturer and as the specialist for outdoor racking systems, we know that the correct surface treatment is a deciding factor for the longevity and safety of our racking systems. In addition to our classic surface treatment options, we have introduced a new coating system - OR 6000®.

OR 6000® is a special coating for components which require a unique corrosion protection. This may include rack systems which are highly exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as high humidity, salinity or strong condensation. The high standards of the corrosion protection class CX of EN ISO 12944 and even the Norsok Standard M-501 are significantly exceeded by OR 6000®.


Corrosion protection OR6000
The corrosion loads are divided into 6 categories according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2.
Corrosion protection OR6000
Metal structures and racking systems in the outdoor area require special corrosion protection.
Corrosion protection OR6000
Open warehouse with special corrosion protection.
Corrosion protection racking system
A corrosion protected cantilever racking in galvanized finish.

Defining the corrosivity categories

The EN ISO 12944 defines various environmental conditions and corrosion loads and divides these into 6 categories, from insignificant to very strong or extreme. In addition to the EN ISO 12944, which covers the corrosion protection of steel structures treated by coating systems, the Norsok M-501 is the benchmark for offshore coatings. With the OHRA coating system we surpass the highest corrosion protection in the category CX according to the EN ISO 12944. This highest category, for example, requires a salt spray test of 2,400 hours to the EN 9227. The Norsok M-501 demands an alternating test of 4,200 hours. The OHRA OR 6000® system substantially exceeds these requirements. Even after 6,000 hours of testing, no signs of fatigue of the coating was visible.

So how does our OR 6000® coating process work?
Every step of the coating process is precisely matched to the next. Starting with zinc phosphating, the components are then coated with an electrochemical cathodic dip coating (KTL) and then coated with up to two layers of powder coating (including several, in terms of time and temperature control, clearly defined cleaning, washing and drying phases). Wet paint systems are not used. The entire production process is fully automated, and the individual operations are completely interlinked. This guarantees that the outstanding result may be repeated with same result at any given time.

The advantages of the OHRA OR 6000® system:

Corrosion protection fully tailored to your needs - whether powder coated, hot-dip galvanized, KTL coated or coatings according to our OR 6000® process. Surface protection guarantees of up to 25 years. Racking components of up to 12 m in length, a width of 2.3 m and a height of 0.7 m with a maximum weight of up to 2,000 kg can be fully coated – in a continuous, fully automatic process.

  • Corrosion protection of up to 50 years.
  • Thinner coating, but higher scratch and impact resilience.
  • A complete and uniform coating, even in cavities, corners and on edges.
  • High resistance against acids, alkalines, oils and fuels.
  • Top coatings suitable for food products are possible.
  • Homogeneous, clean, smooth surfaces.
  • Individual colours are available as per the entire RAL colour scheme.
  • Low-pollution and environmentally friendly solvent-free coating process.
  • No rust infiltration under the first layer due to the KTL pre-treatment.
  • Suitable for the food and chemical industry, offshore applications, power plants, marinas/yacht harbours, shipbuilding and wherever corrosion protection is of utmost importance.
Corrosion protection
Salt spray test according to ISO 9227.
Corrosion protection for racking systems
Corrosion protection for racking systems that are exposed to extreme environmental pollution.
Corrosion protection boat storage
The corrosion protection OR 6000 is suitable for e.g. marinas.
Corrosion protection OR6000
Cantilever racking for storing cars with corrosion protection.
Corrosion protection racking system
Cantilever racking with galvanised columns and arms. Additional corrosion protection with OR6000.