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Maderas Besteiro


Triple Plus in Efficiency

The wood processing company Maderas Besteiro has expanded its storage capacities with racking systems from OHRA: Cantilever racking enables the efficient storage of timbers with a length of up to 13.5 metres, individually adapted pallet racking with up to 15 storage levels offers plenty of space for the large variety of High Pressure Laminates (HPL). Compared to the original floor storage and outdated racking, Maderas Besteiro was able to increase its storage capacity by 20 per cent in the same storage space, speed up storage and retrieval processes by 30 per cent and reduce damage to stored goods by 70 per cent.

From the board to the house
Since the company Maderas Besteiro, founded in 1930, moved to the site in Lugo, in the north-west of Spain, in 1970, the warehouse and production have been continuously expanded. Today, a wide variety of products are made from wood here: from boards, flooring and doors to kitchens, façade cladding and wooden constructions for energy-efficient houses. State-of-the-art equipment of woodworking machines is used for this purpose.

Time-consuming storage system
In order to realise corresponding efficiency in the warehouse area as well as to supplement storage capacities, Maderas Besteiro expanded an existing warehouse. Here, a wide variety of wood products are stored on Euro pallets, as well as 3,660 x 2,100mm boards or 13,500 mm long beams. Until now, the goods were stored on the floor or on general purpose racks. Access to the individual goods was cumbersome and time-consuming, and the wooden products were repeatedly damaged during handling. Overall, the warehouse area no longer met Maderas Besteiro's requirements for efficient operation.

Shelves allow quick access
OHRA therefore installed various racking systems in the storage area: These include cantilever racks, whose 1,300mm long arms each have a load capacity of 750 kilograms; the top storage level is 5 metres. This is where mainly panels are stored that have a high turnover and need to be retrieved quickly. Since many different articles which are stored on special pallets 3050 x 1300mm had to be accommodated in the HPL panel area, a pallet rack is used here: With a length of around ten metres and a height of approximately 6 metres, it has 15 storage levels. This creates many storage compartments, which enables item-specific storage per shelf compartment and thus fast access to the goods.

Accelerated processes
With the new racking system, Maderas Besteiro was able to speed up its logistics and production processes considerably, according to Raúl Serna, who supervised the project as OHRA sales representative: "Handling and storage times have been shortened, damage reduced and picking significantly improved." He goes on to stress that the current expansion is just one of many: "For almost 20 years, Maderas Besteiro has been expanding its storage capacity with racking systems from OHRA."