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Unrestrained Production

To achieve higher storage capacity and more efficient logistics, Adamet-Niemet equipped its raw material warehouse with cantilever racks from OHRA. The previous storage on the floor and in several smaller racks no longer offered sufficient capacity for the growing business of the metal wholesaler. In addition, the frequent need for relocation repeatedly led to damage to the stored sheets, bars, and profiles. With several rows of cantilever racks up to 8,570 millimetres high, the company was able to create new storage capacity as well as speed up the storage and retrieval processes and reduce damage to the sensitive goods stored.

Production thwarted
Adamet-Niemet is one of the leading wholesalers of raw materials made of aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and special copper alloys in southern Poland. Around 7,000 different items are permanently in stock. The previous warehouse concept no longer offered sufficient capacity for the growing demand, repeatedly caused damage to the stored items, and generally slowed down production due to its inefficient logistics.

Storage on up to 16 levels
Adamet-Niemet therefore decided to equip the warehouse with several cantilever racks from OHRA. In addition to the high load capacity and quality of the racks from the European market leader for cantilever racking, the long warranty periods and the on-site service also spoke in favour of OHRA. In several project phases, OHRA installed several rows of single- and double-sided cantilever racks. The racks were customized to fit the stored goods and the installation site. The load capacity of the cantilever arms is 500 or 600 kilograms, up to 16 storage levels are possible with a rack height of 8,570 millimetres. The flexible, height-adjustable cantilever arms of the OHRA racks deflect upwards and sideways in the event of impacts. This protects the goods from damage.

Logistics processes accelerated
The new racking system accelerated the storage and retrieval processes and thus significantly improved the efficiency of production. With the optimized logistics processes, delivery reliability also increased.