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Storage of palletised aluminium profiles 
Roofed cantilever racking system OHRA
Outdoor storage
Cantilever racking system Albixon

Well roofed solution

ALBIXON, one of the leading manufacturers of swimming pools and pool enclosures in Europe, has expanded its storage capacities with a covered cantilever racking system from OHRA. Palletised aluminium profiles are stored here; the length of the pallets is 5 to 12 metres, the weight ranges from 500 to 1,200 kilograms. Not only can the material requirements of the expanded production be met with the new racking system, the overall efficiency in warehousing has also been increased.

Weather Protection plus Storage Capacity
In Europe, the demand for pool enclosures from ALBIXON is increasing year after year. Therefore, the company with headquarters in Prague and a large production area in nearby Hořovice has expanded its production capacity. This includes a new outdoor storage capacity, where the aluminium profiles needed to produce the pool enclosures are stored. Ground storage was ruled out because the space available on the company premises is limited. In addition, the aluminium profiles must be protected from the weather to ensure high quality.

Cantilever Racking with Roof
ALBIXON finally found a racking solution tailored to the requirements at the manufacturer OHRA: Three rows of 7,300-millimetre-high cantilever racks make the best possible use of the available space. The load capacity per cantilever arm is 500 kilograms. The cantilever columns also carry overlapping roofs, some of which are covered with transparent PVC - this ensures good brightness even in the floor area.

Costs Reduced
The new racking system not only offers extra storage capacity, but storage in cantilever racking also reduces costs: Unnecessary material movements are avoided, the efficiency of warehouse transports increases and the risk of damage to the stored goods decreases. Thanks to the weather protection, the costs for quality control are also reduced. Due to the good overview of the stored goods, stocktaking is also much easier to carry out. There is another argument in favour of racking from OHRA, as Jan Miřejovský from ALBIXON points out: "At ALBIXON, customer service comes first, and we very much appreciate that OHRA follows the same philosophy."