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Beinbrech GmbH & Co. KG


More space in the warehouse

Beinbrech GmbH & Co.KG, one of the leading timber and construction material retailers in southwestern Germany, has expanded its storage capacities with new OHRA cantilever racks at the company headquarters in Bad Kreuznach. With a storage height of 6 metres, the racks provide space for up to 16-metre-long timbers, as well as for building materials on pallets thanks to the addition of cantilever arm-bridges.

For its business customers, Beinbrech is one of the strongest wholesalers of timbers and construction materials in the region, with an operating and storage area of approx. 100,000 square metres and an efficient logistics concept. To keep it that way, the company decided to restructure the entire site: Sales, exhibition and storage areas have been expanded, customer service optimised, loading zones combined and loading areas expanded. 

Also, the existing warehouse was to be optimised: It not only supplies the customers, but also four other subsidiaries are supplied with timber and construction materials from this site. As part of the restructuring, Beinbrech decided to replace existing racks with new cantilever racks. With a column height of up to 6.58 metres, they are significantly higher than the old racks and therefore offer more space. In this way, all goods in deliveries can be commissioned quickly and larger quantities stored. 

Part of the existing racking already consisted of OHRA racks. Convinced of the price-performance ratio and the reliability of the racks, the new racks were also planned to be purchased from the European market leader for cantilever racks. The special feature of the OHRA racks is that all load-bearing elements are made of, hot-rolled standard structural steel. This allows large storage heights with high payloads. Some of the cantilever racks were fitted with arm and foot-bridges, so that pallets can also be stored.

In total, 440m of cantilever racks and 970m of pallet racks with a total storage area of 13,400sqm were erected on this site. The average storage height was 7m and the racks were, apart from specific accessories for the construction materials trade, also partly constructed with roofs.

About Beinbrech:

The owner family, of the still family-owned Beinbrech GmbH & Co.KG, has been dealing with the trading of timber and construction materials since 1821. Today, the company with about 300 employees is a processor, producer and solution provider for professionals and demanding end customers. For constructive timber construction as well as carpentry and roofing, Beinbrech holds one of the leading positions among German retailers. Its headquarters in Bad Kreuznach and four other locations deliver to customers in the region, as well as southwestern Germany, France and the Benelux.