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DEG Koblenz


Open shelving warehouse for timber storage

As Europe's leading wholesaler in roofing industry, the purchasing association provides "everything for the roof" and more for their customers. At best the most reliable quality of all products offered are for the newly provided conversion or removal of a roof.

Due to the increasing number of products and the increased volume of orders by our customers, it was necessary to increase the existing storage capacity. The Koblenz site should be used for the existing outdoor storage of wood.

Condition was a covered warehouse with protection from rain and venting option for the stored wood. In addition, direct access should be possible on the various qualities and dimensions.

Already in the planning phase, it turned out that Hall was an open bookcase with cantilever racks as a substructure, the most economical solution for this construction project. Thus in total more than 205 tons of steel for the shelving systems, and the roof and wall construction by OHRA was produced, supplied and installed.

The double-sided cantilever racks are 8,600 mm at the highest point and offer 6 levels of storage shelves on each side. With a load capacity of 800 kg per cantilever it may ex: store in a storage level in line with 33 stands, shelves, with a total weight of 26.4 to material. The total claim for the new timber storage is about 3,100 m². The ridge height is 9750 mm. It should be noted that the roof was chosen for a combination of steel and glue binder by the customer. The span is about 21,000 mm. Through this contribution, the customer was able to save his expenditure.

Of course, the entire steel structure was coated on the request of the customer in whose house color RAL 3000 has been used. Part of the Cantilever-feet was delivered in galvanized dip in order to avoid rust even in case of rains. Ultimately, the execution was carried out from the side and back walls of the shelving system with a perforated trapezoidal sheeting. Thanks to the special hole distribution, the sheet is both rain-and windproof, but on the other side it remains translucent and breathable.