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Desguaces Eduardo

Desguaces Eduardo: More space for old vehicles in the outdoor storage facility

At its location in Ibeas de Juarros in Burgos province in Northern Spain, the auto salvage company Desguaces Eduardo has significantly expanded its capacities for storing old vehicles with cantilever racking from OHRA. Previously the vehicles were on the ground in the 25,000 square meter outdoor facility; now thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the racks, passenger vehicles weighing as much as 2 tons can be stored on four levels. 

The cantilever racking not only increases the number of vehicles that can be stored per square meter, it also enables fast access to the individual car bodies. Unlike the usual situation found frequently at auto salvage companies, where old vehicles are stacked on top of each other; with storage on cantilever racking the car can be removed from every level at any time. At the same time the occupational health and safety is also significantly increased. 

The load-bearing capacity and reliability were the key reasons why Desguaces Eduardo decided on the racking system from the European market leader for cantilever racking. All bearing elements of the OHRA racks are manufactured of solid-wall, hot-rolled steel. Columns 5,680 mm high bear the arms installed at Desguaces Eduardo, which carry up to 3 tons per side per rack, and each of the cantilever arms, 1,800 mm in length, has a load-bearing capacity of 1,000 kilograms. Since each rack is made up of two columns, one vehicle weighing as much as 2,000 kg can be stored per level and per side (on the lowest level the vehicles rest directly on the base of the racks). The solid wall steel profiles – unlike racks manufactured of sheet metal profiles – offer protection against buckling even at impact. 

OHRA delivered a total of 37 racks to the Northern German auto salvage firm. Since late 2018 Desguaces Eduardo has been profiting from the significantly increased storage capacities and faster access to the vehicles. 

About Desguaces Eduardo:

Desguaces Eduardo was founded in 1984 and since 2004 has been an authorized center for the recycling and professional disposal of old vehicles. The recycling of old vehicles occurs in accordance with the relevant environmental regulations. The company is located in Ibeas de Juarros, in the province of Burgos.

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