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DFH Haus


pallet racking
cantilever racking
cantilever racking
cantilever racking with roof

Storage location for all kinds of materials - from small cartons to large prefabricated parts

For the manufacture of low-energy wooden buildings at its Žákavá location, DFH Haus CZ has expanded and modernised its warehouse with racking systems from OHRA. For the outside area, cantilever racks with a total length of almost 250 metres on five storage levels offer space for up to 13 metres long packages containing wooden construction materials. At the same time, an integrated roof protects the goods from inclement weather conditions. For the inside area, pallet and cantilever racks with metal gratings ensure flexible storage options for a wide variety of items – ranging from packets of screw to complete, prefabricated house components. 

In particular, DFH Haus CZ manufactures prefabricated houses of the Okal brand – these are not small off-the-shelf projects, but individually planned and designed sustainable houses. Consequently, the storage requirements are extensive for the materials required to construct the prefabricated house components. To provide enough storage capacities for this, the company first installed cantilever racks externally in 2018, which defied wind and weather thanks to hot-dip galvanising and the sloping roof. The racks are approx. 6 metres high and offer up to five storage levels, with each of the 1.200 mm long arms carrying a weight of up to 1 tonne. 

In 2019, additional rows were added to these racks, which means that on a total rack length of just under 250 metres, there is storage space for long goods externally. At the same time, DFH Haus CZ is building a new warehouse, which is also being equipped with racks from OHRA. Both cantilever and pallet racks were used here. The cantilever racks come with metal gratings, allowing for consistent storage without the columns interfering, allowing for articles of a wide variety of dimensions. The bay widths of the pallet racks were customised for the requirements of DFH Haus CZ. Thanks to the stable construction of the OHRA racks, whose carrying elements are manufactured from hot rolled steel profiles, the racks achieve a beam capacity of 4 tonnes even at a width of 3.9 metres. 

However, the technical parameters of the racks were only one of the reasons for DFH Haus CZ to choose the OHRA storage solutions. Just as important was the good relationship which extends over many years, with the European market leader for cantilever racks and the sales office in the Czech Republic, which allowed for individual consulting.

About DFH Haus CZ s.r.o.:

DFH Haus CZ s.r.o. based in Žákavá is a subsidiary of DFH Haus Deutsche Fertighaus Holding AG, the largest prefabricated housing company in Germany. The Czech subsidiary was founded in 1995 and to this day mainly focuses on the manufacture of low-energy wooden buildings of the OKAL brand for the German market. The OKAL brand, with more than 89.000 built houses, is considered the pioneer in the industry and stands for individual construction from planning to turn-key handover. In 2013, an OKAL building was the first detached house certified by the German Sustainable Building Council e.V. (DGNB). . One year later, OKAL achieved the highest DGNB certification level with Platin.