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Cantilever outdoor storage facility for construction timber

Safe and protected against the weather

A growing range of products and increasing stock access figures were the reason for Polish timber trading company Dombal to modernize its construction timber storage facility. Cantilever racking from OHRA was used. This not only protects the goods against the weather thanks to the integrated roof but also, through its stable construction, allows the safe storage of heavy wooden packages for customers and employees.

Dombal distributes wood for garden architecture (for example, fencing, decking and garden pavilion), construction timber, as well as goods for the design of playgrounds from its head office in Warsaw. The company also offers its customers a variety of services such as customized design, performing assembly work or individually cutting wood products. Dombal thus targets garden designers, as well as building companies and private customers. This way, the 30 employees were able to generate sales worth approx. € 3.5m in 2011.

The timber is stored outdoors – glued laminated timber and construction timber in packages of up to 10 metres long, with other goods in smaller stacks of various sizes. To achieve all this, Dombal uses cantilever racks from the racking systems specialist OHRA, based in Kerpen, Germany. The sturdy design of the columns made from hot-rolled steel sections particularly impressed Dombal. The solid-walled IPE frames yield elastically when they are impacted in a collision, and retain their static properties permanently in rugged warehouse environments – unlike sheet metal structures. The racking system thus meets the highest safety requirements.

In addition, the cantilevers are suspended and movable, giving way in the event of impact by forklifts or goods - which prevents damage to the rack, and above all to the goods. The arms are hung into the uprights within a 100 mm grid system, and they can be adjusted without using any tools. Dombal makes use of this to continually adapt the distances between the storage levels to the current requirements. Dombal uses cantilevers with a length of 1,200 mm and a load-bearing capacity of 800 kg per arm.

For Dombal, a roof mounted on the rack system's 7-metre high frame offers protection from rain, snow and the sun. Dombal mounts the roof on its own account; OHRA calculates the wind loads encountered, and designs the racking system accordingly. It took a mere three months to put the system into operation– from planning to installation.