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Mobile Cantilever Racks for the Furniture Industry

Efficient Storage of High Gloss Boards

erform, one of the leading manufacturers of postforming parts for the furniture industry, has modernised its warehouse for high gloss coated boards. In order to more efficiently store the sensitive warehouse stock, the former block storage was replaced by a cantilever rack system from OHRA. The racks are mounted on carriages – enabling the greatest use of the warehouse’s available space. In addition, every article can now be accessed directly, significantly reducing order picking times.

erform has developed a finishing process which enables the surface coating of a range of base boards to produce an extremely high-gloss finish. This enables the production of formats up to 5,300 times 1,300 millimetres. The company had previously stored the coated boards in a block storage prior to order picking. However, long access times and the frequent shifting of the boards required during order picking led erform to search for a more effective solution for the storage of the high gloss boards.

erform found a solution with OHRA: The specialist for cantilever racks based in Kerpen near Cologne provided a system enabling the racks to be mounted on carriages. These mobile racks generate almost 100 percent more storage capacity than traditional fixed racks. The experts from OHRA assembled a facility with five 9-meter long double-sided cantilever racks at the erform site. With a height of 4,080 milimetres, the racks were fitted with seven storage levels. In addition to these mobile racks mounted on carriages, a fixed single-sided rack provides additional storage space.

Alongside the racks and carriages, OHRA also supplied the necessary control technology. Thanks to this automation system the articles can now be administered using a software developed by erform. OHRA also carried out the installation of the tracks for the carriages in the existing warehouse floor.

With the new storage system the warehouse capacity, and thus the stock reliability, could be significantly improved. Every article can now be accessed directly without the laborious shifting previously required. This not only shortens the order picking times, but also reduces damage to the warehouse stock. The new warehouse is a further element in erform’s logistics concept, facilitating quick and reliable delivery times.

About erform

Since 1984, the erform Möbelsysteme + Postformingteile GmbH, located in Simbach am Inn, has exclusively manufactured postforming elements and furniture parts from laminated composite elements. erform’s main products include furniture fronts with the smallest radiuses, finished with high-gloss to deep matt coatings, edged using PU adhesive or laser technology with zero-joint guarantee, drilled and milled on request and packed on an order by order basis. An efficient, fully-automated machine park with Germany’s most modern postforming facility, forms the basis for the supply of high-tech parts. erfrom has around 80 employees and generates a turnover of 17 million Euros.