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Half-automated storage – Central warehouse with 3 automatic rack-mounted units

The customer is one of the biggest suppliers in the Netherlands and Belgium for products like sliding doors, wall and ceiling panels, decoration strips, base strips and protection blinds for doors and windows.

Before the inauguration of the new supplied system, the customer stored and commissioned the products out of seven different warehouses. 14 employees were involved only to store and to commission.

The task was to centralise the storage and the commissioning; and this on limited space and with few workers as possible. Furthermore, the main products with different sizes and loads had to be considered.

The main characters of the solution given by OHRA and Köttgen, are the following: A central 12 m high warehouse with 3 automatic-run high raiser trucks, 5 employees for the warehouse operation and a storage possibility for goods with a length of up to 4.8 m and a rack height of 10 m .

The three high raiser trucks automatically follow the correspondent storage level with the help of a computer supported warehouse administration system on an optimised linear way. The commissioning is manually operated by workers who drive with the truck. In this way, it is possible to commission 4 orders at the same time.

The customer decided himself for the efficiency of full-automated high raiser trucks without giving up the manual operation. This new storage installation offers enormous economies regarding costs and space.

As general supplier, with this system we offer you an interesting and economic solution for your warehouse.