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Projektbericht Gitsche Holzhandel GmbH


Cantilever racks for the timber trade

800 storage spaces in a new distribution centre

Since early 2012, Gitsche Holzhandel GmbH in Villach, Austria has been handling all its inbound and outbound wholesale deliveries from a new distribution centre. The warehouse is fitted out entirely with cantilever racks from OHRA. Around 800 racks are available for storing of sawn timber and various types of board material. The shelving system not only allows good use of the existing floor space, but also permits the vital flat storage of the boards.

Veneers, timber, wood-based materials and boards ranging from 250 x 125 to 560 x 210 cm in size are stored at Gitsche's new distribution centre. The company had previously replaced the shelving at its headquarters with OHRA cantilever racks. Convinced of the quality of shelving made from hot-rolled standard structural steels, the timber trade company has also equipped its new distribution centre with OHRA racks.

One special feature had to be taken into account: The new warehouse was integrated in an existing building supplies superstore, whose gabled roof had been relatively low. Thanks to the OHRA cantilever rack's modular design, it was still possible to make full use of the height available: The rack level begins at 3 metres on the building's outer wall and increases gradually up to a rack height of 6 metres in the centre of the structure. There are seven rack levels at this maximum height. The storage spaces, around 800 in all, are served by electric forklift trucks.

OHRA not only supplied and installed the racks, it also performed all the necessary planning work for Gitsche. This led to the creation of a warehouse that was tailored exactly to the timber wholesaler's requirements. The result is a storage facility that, with its cantilever racks, provides useful storage facilities for different materials and a high level of transparency, thanks to the good sorting options it offers.

About Gitsche:

Founded in 2003, GITSCHE Holzhandel Ges.mbH. presents itself as the partner for timber in Carinthia and East Tyrol and thus as a strong and reliable partner to the trade. As a member of the HOLZPARTNER (WOOD PARTNER) timber and wood-based cooperation, as well as the international "Holzland" group, the company offers its customers broad-based expertise, highly trained employees, and combined strengths in purchasing, sales and marketing. The product range includes all panels and plastic sheets, doors, parquet and laminate floors, components for the constructive timber structures, as well as lumber and veneers. Panels are cut and edged to customer requirements in a processing centre equipped with the latest machinery. In the adjoining specialist wood market, a variety of interior doors and more than 120 different parquet and laminate floor surfaces are displayed over an area of 500 m2.