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Gooskens Hout Groep


Palette Racks for the Storage of Long Goods

More Wood Per Square Meter

In the wood industry the warehouse stock held by manufacturing plants is also being successively reduced. This results in increasing demands being placed on the logistics of the wood suppliers. As a consequence, the Gooskens Hout Groep has built a new warehouse with palette racks from OHRA. Now more goods can be stored on the same area as well as generating an improvement in commissioning.

Gooskens Hout Groep, a wood merchants based in Hoogeloon in the Netherlands, sells softwood primarily within the Dutch and Belgian markets. Founded in 1863, the company employs 85 employees. At the site in Hoogeloon the wood is specially prepared and commissioned for customers, whereby wood in all standard sizes and lengths is available.

However, the wood warehouse, built by the company and located in the outdoor area, reached its limits with its two storage levels. Gooskens’ customers are also rationalising their processes and minimising their warehouse stock. Thus a corresponding increase in capacity is needed by the wood suppliers in order to guarantee a rapid and reliable supply. For this reason Gooskens decided to build a new warehouse. The special feature: The warehouse was to be built as a honeycomb rack, which means the wooden beams and profiles are inserted lengthways in the 6,500 millimetre deep compartments. This facilities a better overview of the stored profile types and a rapid commissioning by hand.

The new warehouse was realised by OHRA. The company based in Kerpen, Germany, is specialised in rack solutions for building material and wood merchants. In the case of Gooskens the palette rack system from OHRA was employed. In order to achieve the required storage depth the experts from OHRA connected a number of frames from the rack system in series, fitting them with wooden shelves. The frames are from hot-rolled steel profiles which yield elastically in the event of collisions while still retaining their high vertical load capacity. A roof on the construction protects the stored wood from the weather, turning the rack warehouse into a freestanding building. The new warehouse has an overall height of 6 meters and a length of 120 meters. The five storage levels have a load bearing capacity of 2,800 kilos respectively.

Thanks to the new warehouse with its compact storage system Gooskens can now store more wood per square meter of floor space as well as reduce travel routes during commissioning.

About the Gooskens Hout Groep

Gooskens imports softwoods from various European countries as well as Russia. The vast majority of this wood is further modified in the company’s own production plants. Customers are primarily the regional wood merchants, building material merchants as well as the wood-processing industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Gooskens Hout Groep covers three areas: From the Hoogeloon site customers are supplied with individually compiled orders. In Moerdijk, where Gooskens stores one of the largest inventories of spruce wood in the Netherlands, large volume lots are produced. Finally, Gooskens Hout Overboord supplies customers directly from Scandinavia.