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Many worktops in the smallest space

To increase storage space for a wider range of materials, the Greenteam company in Hungary has modernized its warehouse in cooperation with its sister company Nypan with an OHRA cantilever racking system mounted on a carriage. The system, consisting of seven rows of racks, enables the compact storage of over 140 different kitchen worktops on ten levels. Thanks to the mobile racks, not only can Greenteam store more goods in the existing space, but also access the stored articles much faster thanks to the carriages being remotely controlled by the forklift.

Even before the modernization Greenteam set up a mobile racking system for the storage of up to 4,100mm long worktops. However, these were their own trolleys, which were moved manually. The system was therefore replaced by a system equipped with modern drive and control technology. Greenteam and Nypan decided on a solution from OHRA: The company, based in Kerpen, Germany, had already distinguished itself with its flexibility in previous joint projects.

The new kitchen worktop warehouse consists of seven rows of racks. Each row is 6,600mm high, 3,300mm long and consists of four columns each, onto which nine cantilever arms are attached. This results in a total of ten storage levels – the lowest level being on the bases. The outer lines are single-sided and fixed to the ground, the remaining lines are mounted on carriages that move on rails laid in the ground. The carriages stand close to each other, with the racks mounted on them. If goods are needed from a specific rack, the carriages move apart and open the desired aisle. The control is carried out by the forklift via remote control – a manual operation is also possible. With such a system, the highest possible utilization of space is possible; compared to conventional “rigid” racks, almost 100% more storage capacity can be achieved.

To expand its storage capacity, OHRA has also increased an existing rack with 1,040mm long extensions and added extra cantilever arms.

Overall, the new storage capacities allow more transparency and order in the warehouse. The storage and retrieval of worktops has been significantly accelerated by the mobile storage shelf, and the handling processes have generally improved significantly.


About Greenteam/Nypan:

Greenteam was founded in 1991 under the name Greenteam Timber Kft. Greenteam has been the exclusive representative of the Weinig Group in Hungary since 1993, and since 1994 the company has been selling Jowa adhesives. Today, the focus is on the wholesale trade in Jowa adhesives and the distribution of woodworking machinery from Weinig.

Nypan was founded in 1998 and has since become a leading retailer of carpentry and furniture accessories. The company's goal is to provide customers with the widest possible selection of raw materials and components at all times. Against this background, also the company in Szombathely is continuously being further developed – modern table saws and CNC machines work in two shifts in the in-house workshop.