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Indoor and outdoor warehouses for building materials

Consistently customized, right down to the colour scheme

HG COMMERCIALE, one of the Swiss construction industry's leading trading companies, is fitting its new sales point in Cortaillod with rack systems from OHRA. A tailor-made combination of cantilever, pallet, and vertical racks accommodates a wide range of building materials.

By investing in the new Cortaillod outlet, HG COMMERCIALE can offer its customers in the Neuchâtel region an even greater range of products. Customers in the construction and finishing trades, architects and builders can obtain tools, as well as wall and floor coverings here, in addition to building materials.

In order to store the many different kinds of merchandise safely and efficiently, HG COMMERCIALE equipped the distribution centres and pick-up warehouses at the point of sale with a combination of different OHRA racking systems. The company, based in Kerpen, Germany, focusses on racking systems, particularly for the building materials, timber, and metal industries. OHRA is the major supplier in the field of storage technology for HG COMMERCIALE, which has over 40 retail outlets.

The warehouse in Cortaillod is divided into external and internal storage facilities. In the storage hall, OHRA mounted around 60 metres of cantilever racks on six storage levels, as well as pallet racks with space for 1200 pallets. The top storage level of the pallet racks is at a height of 7.1 meters. The external pallet rack can accommodate a further 600 pallets. An additional 60 metres of cantilever racks are mounted in the external warehouse for storing long goods. Vertical racks also allow the orderly storage of bars, rods, profile sections and pipes.

With their dimensions, payloads, and additional features, the OHRA racks are not only perfectly tailored to the goods offered by HG COMMERCIALE. Indeed, for the first time ever, they are now being produced in the company's colour scheme: Columns and frames have been painted in RAL 9017, with supports and cantilevers in RAL 1018. Thus the trading company's corporate design can be seen consistently throughout the warehouse where the customers pick up their goods.


The HG COMMERCIALE is a Swiss trade cooperative that operates 40 building materials outlets and 20 display points with wall and floor coverings throughout Switzerland under the "HGC" brand name. The range includes material for the construction industry and finishing trades, as well as coverings made from ceramics and (in some areas) from natural stone and wood. With a workforce of 850, the HG COMMERCIALE generates sales of around CHF 1.1 billion (Swiss Francs).