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Holz Possling


Rack Systems for the Timber Trade

Individual Storage Solution for the Complete Product Range from One Supplier

Holz Possling, the largest timber merchants in Berlin and Brandenburg, employs rack systems from OHRA for the storage of it’s complete product range at three sites. Thanks to their modular construction, the cantilever rack, pallet and vertical racks from the storage specialist based in Kerpen, Germany, provide space for the entire product palette with its diverse range of items. With the rack systems the Berlin timber merchant can make optimal use of the available storage space and reduce the work of handling the goods.

Possling originally stored it’s goods – including tiles, stones, sacked goods and other building materials in addition to timber and wood products – in timber warehouses and block storage facilities. However, a poor utilisation of space and the considerable manual work associated with this storage system required a modern solution. Thus Possling equipped it’s warehouse with a range of racks from OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH. The Kerpen based rack specialists convinced with a comprehensive range of rack systems: In addition to cantilever rack and pallet racks, including high-load models, Possling also required special racks for the storage of doors and frames as well as the vertical storage of pallets.

The OHRA system also enabled the realisation of even more unusual requests for the design of the rack systems: For example, up to 14 meter long timbers can be stored in the cantilever racks, which, with rack arms of a length of 2,350 millimetres, offer double the normal storage depth. Furthermore, the 50 meter long rows of cantilever racks with a height of up to 6 meters enable a high utilisation of the storage space. For the outside storage area the cantilever racks have also been fitted with a roof, whereby at the request of Possling, extra-long roof arms of 4 meters have been employed. OHRA equipped the pallet racks with diverse intermediate shelves in order to safely store sacked goods and stones etc., while making best use of the space.

Since the building of the first racks, Possling has regularly modernised and expanded its warehouses. OHRA not only supplies and assembles the racks, it also makes the necessary static calculations for the safe storage of the different goods.

About Holz Possling

Possling GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1841 and with headquarters in Berlin, remains a family company to this day. As in the past, wood is the speciality of the wholesale and retail trader: From raw beams to planed goods, the company offers a wide range of thicknesses, lengths and profiles. The product palette ranges from parquet flooring to rafters, from winter gardens to garden fences, from chipboard to window scantlings. The retail centre supplements this product range with tools, machines, sanitation articles, electrical material, paint and fixing devices. The company employs around 450 staff at three sites and generates sales of circa 100 million euros annually.