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cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system

Tailor-made post racks and cantilever racks for efficient pipe logistics

HTI Dinger & Hortmann, a specialist wholesaler for civil engineering and industrial technology, has significantly increased the efficiency of its logistical processes with a new centralised pipe warehouse in Chemnitz, Germany. Some 30 post racks from OHRA enable many pipes and tube bundles of different lengths and weights to be stored. The flat storage system allows for targeted loading and unloading of the individual types of pipe with four overhead gantry cranes. Pipes can also be transported directly from trucks to the post racks - without having to be rotated, set down or manoeuvred by auxiliary lifting gear. The selective access to the pipes and easy handling enables particularly efficient pipe logistics. In addition, cantilever racks, also from OHRA, provide space-saving options on the interior and exterior walls of the warehouse for lighter pipes made of plastic or thin-walled steel. 

Delivery trucks can drive directly into the hall for delivery and collection on a two-lane thoroughfare. The post racks are aligned in the direction of travel so that the pipes can be lifted by the gantry cranes directly from the loading area into the post racks without having to be rotated. This facilitates loading and unloading with the highest possible efficiency. The large number of post rack bays allows each type of pipe to be stored in its own compartment. This enables orders of various pipes to be picked out quickly. The post racks are tailored to the many different pipes available from HTI in terms of their dimensions and rack loads – the system consists of racks for goods between 3 and 12 meters in length. The rack load capacities are in the range of 1 to 10 tons. The racks were individually designed in accordance with HTI's requirements – thus, a high utilization of the available storage space could be achieved. 

The heavy long pipes and pipe bundles are stored in the post racks, while lighter pipes are housed in OHRA cantilever racks. The approximately 5m high, galvanized racks were installed on the interior walls of the warehouse, and around the entire circumference of the exterior walls. Roll off pins and sleeves at the ends of the 1.4m long, 640 kilogram arms ensure safe storage of the pipes. 

The new warehouse serves to centralize HTI's logistics, which were previously divided into various smaller warehouses in the area. The company was highly impressed, not only by the rack technology, but also by the competence, reliability and fast processing of the order by OHRA. The project took just three months between placement of the order and commissioning. HTI now benefits from optimized warehouse processes and reduced logistics costs thanks to the new pipe warehouse. 

About HTI Dinger & Hortmann:

HTI Dinger & Hortmann KG is a specialist wholesaler for a wide range of civil engineering and industrial technology products. Customers primarily include municipal utilities, water associations, waste disposal companies, pipeline builders and industrial companies. Among other things, they benefit from guaranteed just-in-time delivery to the construction site. HTI Dinger & Hortmann KG emerged from HTI “Mitteldeutschland” GmbH & Co. Handels KG, founded in 1996. A year later the company moved to Klipphausen near Dresden, Germany. Today the company is represented nationwide in twelve locations in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. HTI Dinger & Hortmann KG is part of the HTI Group, which consists of a group of medium-sized companies and has 65 locations in Germany and companies in five other European countries. HTI is part of the GC Group, an association of independent, medium-sized wholesalers. Today this is comprised of more than 100 companies throughout Germany at around 650 locations as well as further companies in 14 European countries. As a full-range supplier, the GC GROUP supplies all standard branded products from the building  technology trade.