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Flexibility in sheet metal warehouse

Cantilever racks adapt to changing demands

The Polish company Investa Sp. z.o.o., specialist for steel, stainless steel and aluminium products, has equipped its central warehouse as well as its range of branch offices in Poland with cantilever racks from OHRA. Thanks to the clipped cantilever arm supports, the rack system offers a high degree of flexibility and can be continually adjusted to meet the changing demands of the rapidly growing company.

Founded in 1987, Investa has advanced to become one of the leading suppliers of sheet metal and metal products in Poland. The company’s circa 300 employees, now part of the European Amari Metal group, generated a turnover of nearly 100 million Euros in 2011. Comprehensive services in the field of sheet metal processing supplement the product portfolio. Investa is also equipped with a modern machine area for bending, laser and water-jet cutting, through to grinding and polishing. Rods, profiles, tubing and fittings round off the product palette.

In order to be ever closer to its customers Investa continues to expand its network of branches in Poland. For the storage of its sheet metal with dimensions of up to 3,000 mm long and 1,500 mm wide, as well as profiles and tubing with lengths of up to 6,000 mm, Investa employs cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA. A characteristic feature of the OHRA cantilever racks are the clipped arms in the uprights. They remain flexible and mobile even under high loads and deflect in the event of impact, e.g. with a fork lift truck. Thus, the column and goods remain undamaged. OHRA exclusively employs high quality hot-rolled steel for its rack systems, which yields elastically in the event of impacts, while still retaining its high vertical load capacity. The cantilever columns have a 10mm pitch as standard so can be adjusted to warehouse conditions - no tools are needed for adjusting the cantilever arms.

“This enables us to change the storage levels at any time and increases the flexibility of our warehouse“, states Dariusz Czapiewski, CEO of Investa. “We can extend existing racks using additional arms and columns or convert single-sided racks to double-sided.” In addition to flexibility, quality and cost effectiveness are also important reasons why Investa has equipped its warehouse with OHRA cantilever and pallet racks: “Thanks to the hot-rolled steel, the rack systems from OHRA are extremely resistant to deformation, furthermore, the movable support makes the rack practically indestructible. In light of the maintenance costs for the warehouse itself and the fork lift truck, OHRA’s rack systems offer maximum cost effectiveness.”

About Investa:

Founded in 1989 and with headquarters in Pruszcz Gdanski, Investa Sp. Z.o.o. has continually expanded its portfolio of steel, stainless steel and aluminium products with additional services in the field of sheet metal processing. With its incorporation into the Amari group Investa has succeeded in further expanding its position in the Polish market and today is one of the leading companies in the branch. Investa delivers steel and stainless steel products as well as aluminium goods to industrial enterprises, medium sized suppliers and production plants as well as craft businesses.