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Notz Metall AG


Cantilever Rack Warehouse for the Stainless Steel Trade

Multifunctional and Space-Saving Indoor Warehouse

Notz Metall AG, one of Switzerland’s leading stainless steel traders, has realised its new goods warehouse with cantilever racks from OHRA. Thanks to the high rack construction – the top storage level is at a height of 6.4 m – the company was able to generate greater storage capacity in a smaller area compared to the old storage system.

Notz Metall AG is a full-range supplier for steel and non-ferrous metals. The company, located in Brügg in the Swiss Canton of Bern, stocks a wide range of ca. 6,300 articles and ca. 5,000 tons of steel and non-ferrous metals. Due to the building of a motorway Notz Metall was forced to give up a significant part of its operating premises. This included the site of the former outside warehouse for rod and tubing products. In order not to have to build over the premises’ remaining green areas the company decided to store the long goods in an existing warehouse. However, this would require a rack system that made full use of the warehouse height, thus increasing storage capacity across the same area.

As a result, Notz chose the cantilever rack system from OHRA. The company based in Kerpen, Germany, manufactures its racks from stable hot-rolled steel profiles enabling high rack heights and load bearing capacity. In addition, the cantilever arms for the OHRA racks are simply slotted into the punched grid of the stands without the need for screws or welding. This enables the height of the individual storage levels to be quickly adjusted – without the need for any tools. It is precisely this flexibility which ensures the multifunctional character of the rack system required by Notz – a system capable of storing such a diverse range of products as steel rods, tubing, angle profile, bright steel or half-finished products in the lengths 3 and 6 metres.

Within the space of 9 days OHRA installed an appropriate three-aisle cantilever rack warehouse. The construction was carried out in quick succession: Following the completion of one aisle it was immediately filled with goods while the next row of racks was being assembled. This required a strict project plan so as not to disturb the operating procedure.

12 storage levels have been slotted into the rack system’s 6,740 millimetre high columns. Overall the warehouse provides 2,640 storage spaces – which is over 800 more than the previous rack. At the same time, the rack system takes up 366 m² less space. Thanks to the increase in storage capacity the storage costs could also be reduced by around 15.5 percent.

About Notz Metall AG

Notz Metall AG’s core business is the processing, sale and finishing of quality and stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and special materials and their semi-finished products. The products serve as primary materials for many high-quality industry branches. Notz Metall AG’s service centre provides prompt service and processes the materials according to customer-specific requirements and wishes. The company, whose roots go back to 1898, has 85 employees and generates a turnover of 70 million Euros.