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Nyfeler Holzwaren AG


cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system

East/west gradients levelled

Steeply sloping terrain and confined space made demands when planning the new outdoor rack for the joinery company Nyfeler Holzwaren AG. Finally, OHRA divided the two-sided cantilever rack into an east and a west side, which, despite differing floor heights and an offset layout, was protected by a single, six-metre-deep roof. Nyfeler gains significantly greater storage area with the rack, saves time loading on and off, and reduces damage to materials thanks to the protection from direct weather factors.

Before: Stacked outdoors

Until now, Nyfeler stored beech log planks, which the company uses to produce the CUBORO marble run system, stacked in the open air, alongside firewood and other items. The Euro-pallets used for this purpose were continually affected by the weather, resulting in dangerous block stacks. Moreover, the items had to be laboriously unstacked to reach the materials. Nyfeler used to cover each stack with tarpaulins to protect them from the weather, which required extra effort when handling. Lastly, the store required an excessively large surface area.

Difficult spaces

For these reasons, Nyfeler decided to significantly increase the efficiency of its store with a cantilever rack by OHRA. The space allotted for this purpose, however, required a tailor-made construction: due to the terrain, the foundation on one side of the double-sided rack lay 1.5 metres above the other side. Moreover, it was important not to hinder lorries from manoeuvring on the small premises. Finally, space had to be found for widely differing types of goods: timber stacks up to 4.4 metres high and 5.5 metres long, as well as barrels, sacks and other items.

A rack with two sides

OHRA designers overcame the challenges by dividing the rack: on the higher ground to the west, the uprights are 6,770 millimetres high. Attached to it are 1.5-metre-long cantilever arms with a carrying capacity of 1000 kilograms. They contain four storage levels including the feet. On the east, the uprights are 8,270 millimetres high to level out the difference in floor height. The base on this side is filled with stacks of beech log planks with a weight of up to 10 tonnes. The storage level above it provides space for further stack of planks of up to 2,300 kilograms. The east and west sides are, moreover, arranged in an offset manner lengthwise: the east side starts a few metres “later” so that the foot of the rack at the corner of the construction does not protrude into the driveway and lorries can circumnavigate the rack in a tight radius.

All storage levels of the rack are fitted with metal gratings to allow all manner of goods to be stored, regardless of type of load carrier or loading aids. The metal gratings also provide good ventilation of the items stored and a clear view when loading on and off. Three-metre-long roof arms are mounted at the top ends of the uprights at an inclination of 11 degrees. The generously dimensioned roof protects the stored goods from the weather. Wind and snow loads on such a large roof area have, of course, been considered in the static calculation of the rack.

Capacity doubled, time saved

The new racking system brings Nyfeler a whole range of benefits, as managing director Remo Nyfeler stresses: “We can now store double the amount on the same ground area. We also save a great deal of time with shorter drive distances and because stored goods no longer need to be covered by cumbersome tarpaulins.” Despite its size, the rack blends in elegantly with the surroundings. Finally, the whole store operates in a clean and orderly way, leaving customers with a positive impression. ■

About Nyfeler Holzwaren:

Nyfeler Holzwaren AG was founded in 1937 and today is in the third generation by Margret and Remo Nyfeler. The family business with headquarters in Gondiswil, Switzerland currently employs 14 workers. They manufacture their own products such as foot massage rollers, wooden toys and wooden products, and sell them via the specialist trade and in their own company shop. They also manufacture wooden products in series upon demand, e.g., for promotional gifts.  Production is, nevertheless, mainly focused on Cuboro. Cuboro is a wooden game made up of over 100 different pieces. By combining creatively and planning logically, players can create an unending number of marble runs.