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Highest possible space utilization thanks to an effective warehouse system

To meet the constantly increasing requirements of the market, RBB Aluminium AG, has erected an additional warehouse at its main location, Wallscheid in the Eiffel region of Germany. The heart of the new logistics area is a mobile cantilever racking system from OHRA. Nine movable rows of racks, 18.4 meters in length and 6.36 meters in height, enable fast and safe storage of 6 meter long aluminium profiles on the smallest possible floor area. 

The aluminium processing enterprise in Wallscheid invested a total of EUR 3 million, which included a new modern production hall. The new logistics hall supplies production with aluminium profiles; it also serves as a picking and dispatch warehouse. In 1996 and 2003, RBB Aluminium had already equipped each of its storage facilities with racking from OHRA, so the decision was obvious to also equip the new warehouse with a warehouse system from OHRA, the European market leader for cantilever racking, located in Kerpen Germany. 

Cantilever racking on mobile carriages enables the most efficient space utilization of the warehouse facility, since there is always only one aisle open, and that is the aisle in which goods are either moved into or moved out of storage. Thus, depending on the design, storage capacity can be up to 100 percent higher than that offered by a conventional, static racking system. OHRA delivered a custom solution for RBB Aluminium: Each of the 6,360mm columns stores 4,500kgs per side; a run of racking is 12 columns. The clip in arms each form six storage levels per run of racking; each of the arms, which are 800mm long, bears a load of up to 750 kilograms. In addition, permanently installed, one-sided cantilever arms are mounted on the facing sides of the mobile system. The traversing carriages for the mobile racks run on rails that have been installed in the floor slab of the hall floor.

The mobile racks can be moved away from each other manually or via remote control, for example from the forklift, so that the desired aisle is opened. The easy operation of the system was an additional reason why RBB Aluminium chose the OHRA solution. 

Overall, with the cantilever racking on mobile carriages, RBB Aluminium was able to achieve the highest possible space utilization in the new warehouse facility. The aluminium profiles can also be quickly and safely moved into and moved out of storage. In this regard, OHRA delivered not only the warehousing technology but also supported RBB Aluminium in planning the new logistics facility.  

About RBB Aluminium-Profiltechnik:

RBB Aluminium-Profiltechnik AG was founded in 1986 as a GmbH by Reiner and Doris Beu. Since 1999 the operative business has been conducted by a family-owned joint stock company. Over the last 30 years the medium-sized enterprise has developed into an internationally successful manufacturer of extruded aluminium profiles, assemblies, and aluminium components, as well as exterior aluminium window profiles. A total of 195 employees work for the company at the Wallscheid location, 150 employees are involved in the daily manufacturing of individual aluminium products.



Cantilever racking on traversing carriages