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Schneider Baucentrum


pallet racking with roof
pallet racking with roof, galvanized
pallet racking with roof, galvanized, rack-clad building
pallet racking, cantilever racking, galvanized
pallet racking, double-sided, galvanized
rack-clad warehouse, drive-in warehouse
pallet racking with roof, galvanized
cantilever racking, pallet racking with roof, galvanized
cantilever racking with roof

Covered 3-lane loading zone for professionals

Conveniently drive with the vehicle directly to the desired goods and load them - especially with bulky and heavy items such as (garden) building materials or garden timber, the drive-in concept makes shopping in the DIY store easier. Schneider also relies on this approach in the specialised trade. Customers can conveniently get their required goods under the three-lane covered loading area, regardless of the weather. The hall was designed by OHRA as a rack clad unit: Here, the cantilever column supports serve as a load-bearing substructure for the building construction. This shortens the project time and offers considerable cost advantages. The racking unit is complemented by cantilever and pallet racking in the outdoor area, where the goods are protected from the weather by an integrated roof. Both areas are connected by a 13-metre spanning roof. In addition, OHRA realised a frost-free warm area, in which construction chemicals as well as floor coverings are safely stored next to an office area.

Second Racking Hall Area

In 2013, OHRA built the first rack clad unit on the hagebaumarkt site as a drive-in area. To cope with the increasing number of customers (private and specialist trade customers) and to be able to store an even larger range of specialist trade articles for professionals, the company decided to build a second unit in a similar design. The hall, which is about 43 metres long and 21 metres wide, was built based on six rows of racks. Their eight-metre high uprights support the roof construction as well as the outer walls. OHRA built the warm hall as an extension with insulated, 60-millimetre-thick roof and wall elements.

Additional Outdoor Storage

Additional goods can be stored in five 28-metre-long racking rows in the outdoor warehouse; as in the racking hall, cantilever and pallet racking was also installed here. Each row of racks has a roof with an overhang of one metre. Between the racking hall and the outdoor storage area runs the lane where the goods are made available to the customers. The lane is covered by a 13-metre-wide roof that connects the racking hall and the outdoor storage area.

Flexible Storage of Heavy Loads

The racks in the hall as well as in the outdoor area are characterised by their high load-bearing capacities: The 1,250 millimetre long cantilever arms can be loaded with up to 1.2 tonnes, the beam loads of the pallet racks are up to 4.5 tonnes.
In order to be able to flexibly store the variety of items carried by Baucentrum Schneider, OHRA has equipped the racks with gratings - so that everything from cement bags to Euro pallets can be stored in any place in the rack.