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Staatstheater Stuttgart


The new backdrop of the Stuttgarter Staatstheaters is identified as unique in Germany.

In 2007, the many different storage facilities for sets, props and costumes were dissolved and concentrated in a newly built warehouse complex.

In a hall is the heart of the system, a movable shelf of considerable proportions is accommodated. In fact, the dimensions are impressive.

In 20 lines of nearly 60 m in length and approx 12 m height, 560 rollable backdrop cars can be fully supported by scenes in various sizes and dimensions. With a backdrop of car size of 8 m long, 2.30 m wide, 2.80 m height and a capacity of 3,000 kg even whole passenger cars find room on them.

The 8 movable double shelves of nearly 60 m in length have a capacity of 180 tons each. The backdrop will be in- and outsourced by means of a four way forklift with a retractable cabin.

In backdrop cars accommodatable large scenes are not stored upright in pallet shelf boxes.

Through a sophisticated security system, all requirements of the professional association could be fulfilled.

For the respective performances in the theater the necessary backdrop cars needed to be taken off the shelves and roll out into the waiting special - trucks zooming in and out in the theater onto the stage again, in order to allow the construction of the scenes within a short time.

In the intermediate area between the scenery shelf and the backdrop for the decorative objects and costumes is the workshop where the new scenes are manufactured and rehearsed.

The adjacent three-story warehouse is the other stage prop such as furniture, lamps, decoration articles, and so forth is reserved. An entire floor is reserved for the costumes, shoes and accessories. No wonder, since only the costumes hang closely together at about 2,400 per meter. Dress shelves. In addition, there are the shelves for shoes, hats and other equipment parts.

All in all, this new Stuttgart backdrop forms the ideal conditions for the smooth operation of the evening performances of opera, drama and ballet.