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Superwood, Dänemark

Superwood operates a waterproofing and drying facility for precious woods in Hampen (DK). Superwood’s finished product is wood for outdoor areas, including for terrace coverings and wood coverings for facades and garden sheds.

Previously, the untreated wood packages were delivered to the open yard. A large space was necessary for this, and handling the wood was time-consuming. The client therefore wished to create a storage solution located in the direct vicinity of the existing production hall. At the same time, the new unit should be constructed in the smallest possible space in order to keep costs for the concrete floor and roof area as low as possible. Furthermore, the option of a future expansion should be possible, without necessitating reconstruction.

For this project, high wind strengths (120 kg/m²) and snow loads (160 kg/m²) in the region were a particular challenge. For storing precious woods, the circulation of air is indispensible, but protection from rain on all sides was also necessary.

Out of several possible solutions, Superwood chose a hot-dipped cantilever racking facility made by OHRA. The client was particularly impressed by the overlapping roof elements combined with a narrow aisle channel for a side loader. The plans were made together with a Danish trading partner on the client site. Here, important points such as concrete types, foundation thickness and roof types were discussed before the work commenced. The local forklift retailer was also included in this from the start. The aisles were mounted with guiding rails to fit the requirements of the side loaders, and the entrance areas on both sides of the aisles were protected from wind and water with covered display frames. The overlapping roof elements protect from direct climatic effects and at the same time provide adequate ventilation. The outer racking systems were covered with a sheet pile which also serves as an awning.

The racking facility was rapidly and expertly constructed by OHRA, and the display frame coverings, roof covering and subsequent drainage technology were provided by the client.

The client was able to use the facility just 10 weeks after placing the order. Expansion is possible at any time.