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One of the leading manufacturers of gate-systems, company Tekla in Verl-Sürenheide, a longstanding OHRA-customer, has effected an interesting extension of his warehouse for finished products. In different locations in Germany, Tekla mainly produces the gates according to order or in small numbers. In Verl, the double-gates and sliding gates leave the modern production plant and are stored in OHRA racks to commission and supply them.

Due to an increase in sales, an extension of the warehouse for finished products was necessary, considering the special requirements of the storage of small lines. After a few planning conversations, a new type of drive-in racking system based on cantilever racks has been designed which allows to store gates with a width of 4.2 m up to 6.5 m.

At the same time, the levels of the cantilever rack are used as supporting space in the depth. The gates can be stored arranged in the corresponding lanes and are now stored with the maximum exploitation of existing storing-space. With only a few forklift truck liftings a total lane can be cleared and be unloaded on a lorry.

In addition, the racks were covered with roof and wall elements and then connected with the existing warehouse. In front of the lanes, the customer installed Tekla-own insulating roller gates which can be controlled all separately from one control desk or individually at each corresponding gate. A bright illumination completes a perfect warehouse building.

A good example to show how a tailor-made and professional (Extra-)solution can be realised together with the customer through the early inclusion of OHRA in the planning process.